What’s the mood at Seven Sisters, you ask? Well, moody.

Be it the dim lighting or pounding baseline, this lively bar at JW Marriott Marquis Dubai has attitude in spades.

And that attitude rubs off on its patrons in the best possible way, making for plenty of animated tables and as-good-as-it-gets seated dance moves.

There’s an array of signature mixed drinks, the Strawberry Garden a real, well, smash with herbal grape syrup, pink grapefruit and lime.

This is a night out that would (we imagine) err on the side of rowdy under ‘normal’ circumstances, so we only dip our toes into the appetiser menu.

The focus here is very much on the beats and bevs – weighing yourself down with mains means less time for seated shimmies.

Rock shrimp tempura hits the mark – the dynamite sauce providing more of a pop than explosion but a decent pick from a well-stocked larder.

Keeping things manageble, the ‘mini main’ arrives in the shape of a trio of beef sliders. The hat-trick comprises brie cheese and truffle paste, barbecue, cheddar and mayo, and blueberry jam, lettuce and tomato.

The truffle paste is the determining factor in the three-horse race, the curation of which alongside the soft brie ensures a satisfying fruity snap – take
note, dynamite sauce, that’s how to inject some flavour into the operation.

Waiting staff are hot-footed between bar and table, and will be quick to steer guests to the Seven Sisters Planet menu –featuring drinks from around
the globe.

At a time when travel is mightily tough, Seven Sisters gives us all a chance to see – and taste – the wider world.